Undead S.W.A.T. Officer is a type of zombie which is encountered in Road of the Dead 2. Before dying and reanimating as zombies, these men served in the Evans City Police Department S.W.A.T. and along with other officers, CDC officials and scientists and National Guard personnel tried to contain the zombie outbreak in Evans City during its first days {possibly days 3-5 and later} but were overrun as the other government factions. However, it is possible that the SWAT officers were actually the first to actively combat the undead but did not have much, if not any success in fighting because of the police department's lack of knowledge when fighting zombies and the extremely large numbers of infected. After the CDC's and police's failed attempt to contain the outbreak,the National Guard moved in and quarantined the city, and the remains of the police department and CDC in Evans City were mobilized to help the National Guard maintain quarantine around the city. They are stronger than Undead Riot Control Officers, but still weaker than Undead Soldiers. His armor is dark blue, and on his vest there is word written "SWAT". There is a small chance his armor will stop bullets. He can be found all around the city, but more commonly in Police and National Guard checkpoints, as well as roadblocks.