This page's information has been based off Lab of the Dead. If you know dates of the events from different games, or different events please add them.

  1. S14 virus was created as a bioweapon.
  2. An underground complex was created to fix flaws (zombies) and find a cure.
  3. S15 virus was created for mood control.
  4. Someone went into a cell full of zombies, got bit and let a dozen zombies out.
  5. (event in which complex is overrun)
  6. S14/S15 virus leaves complex.
  7. Evans City is infected.
  8. Military checkpoints are set up.
  9. Military checkpoints are breached by zombies.
  10. Evans city is nuked.
  11. Nuke fails to kill zombies.
  12. Virus spreads across the nation.