Mutant Zombie

Mutant Zombie

It's unknown how much the virus can alter the human body but these types of undead are the most dangerous by far. The infected body's bones have mutated and enlarged until they burst from the skin, sometimes in large shards. The muscle tissue has expanded, making a single mutant as strong as several men.

It's not known what happened to their skin but some military personnel claimed they witnessed one rip its own skin off and devour it, in a raged frenzy, before it tore down a barricade.

These undead seem to be hyped up on adrenalin and rage and with the addition of enhanced strength, they leave little time to deal with them before they devastate entire checkpoints, bases and fortifications withing minutes. These types of infected are much tougher and can make much more damage than any other types of undead. They can outrun vehicles, power-slam onto hoods and reach through side windows and pull drivers out onto the street.


Mutants are the strongest next to Alpha Mutants . they can run faster than your car and may attempt to grab either your driver or gunner out of the vehicle. their limbs can still be shoot off but be warned, once you shoot off I think one of their limbs, you have to kill it to get rid of it because it uses its arms to push off your car. (also really creepy looking) they have no skin because it is said that they eat their own skin in a frenzy and can wipe out entire checkpoints in minutes.

Alpha mutants are almost the same. Alpha mutants will travel in packs with other normal mutants. alphas will also start punching your car causing shaking to your aim. note that there will never be more that one alpha at a time, and if one glitches, only normal mutants will appear.


  1. Extreme speed: Mutants can leap long distances and over obstacles.
  2. Power-Slam: A mutant can leap and slam onto the hodd, causing massive shaking.
  3. Mutants have the highest Health after ALpha mutants.
  4. They will run along side your vehicles, sometimes in front, attacking randomly. They will leap off the hood if they take too much damage but will continue to chase you.
  5. They can side grapple you through your side window, grabbing hold of the driver or gunner. The driver can mash the interact (space) key to break out of it, like wise the gunner can mash the fire button (mouse) to win the struggle,

if the Driver is side grappled, the gunner can also shoot the grappling mutant in the head to kill it, ending the grapple.

If the gunner is side grapped, the driver can grind the side walls iin alleyways and on highways, to grind the mutant off, ending the grapple.