Grubs, their name coined due to their moist and see through skin, are types of undead that lie in wait among the many dead. These victims took much longer to reanimate than all the others, sometimes rotting and bloating in the streets or body piles for days before the virus took over and reanimated them. Stinking, rotting and suffering from the early stages of putrification, these rancid horrors are able to spread the plague much faster with its sloshing bodily fluids constantly cozing and falling off of their bodies.

After they fully reanimate, the putrification and rotting halts like the other types of undead but the damage is done already. They will typically lay motionless, waiting for a victim to walk within grasping distance. Driving directly over a gryb corpse will automatically result in a hood grapple, so keep your eyes peeled for them. They are slightly tougher than ravagers but weakers than brutes.


Grub is a type of zombie in Road of The Dead 2 . These zombies are laying on the road as bodies but if we drive them over they will climb up on our hood.These are shirtless zombies,also they don't wear shoes but they wear only destroyed trousers.

To avoid reanimating them by driving into them if you see him you can shoot him several times,that's gonna kill him. His skin is different from other undead.