Police Stations

Evans City Police Department Station

Evans City Police Department ECPD was the police department of city of Evans City, Pennsylvania.

Nothing is known about the department background, it is possible that it was established around 1880's. The only reminds of them are abondoned police cars and S.W.A.T. trucks and also undead officers and undead S.W.A.T. officers.

In early days of the outbreak ECPD tried to calm down panicking people and also arresting people who were protesting to be evacuated. It is possible that they worked alongside Pennsylvania Army National Guard and CDC Centers For Disease Control. ECPD status is presumed inactive especially after nuclear destruction of Evans City by Pennsylvania Army National Guard.

ECPD had three divisions: Patrol division, Riot Control Squad and S.W.A.T. Team. Also Riot Control Squad trucks and undead officers roam the streets of Evans City.

Even if not listed in survival guide there are couple of police set-ups spawning randomly around Evans City. There are two types:

  • Type 1:Police Roadblocks can randomly spawn on Highway 65.
  • Type 2:Police Checkpoints are spotted randomly throughout Evans City.

They consist of three police cars and road block signs. There are several ECPD stations throughout Evans City in which we can get weapons and replenish ammo for RP.

ECPD standard issue weapons was: Glock 17, Remington 870 and MP5. Officers carried tazers, batons, holsters, pistols, handuffs, radio, ammo cases and that stuff. ECPD standard patrol car was 1998-2011 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptors. Other vehicles utilized by ECPD were:S.W.A.T. Truck and Riot Control Truck.