The few civilians remaining alive in Evans City are in a last desperate attempt to escape the plague after the military quarantine failed and power structures fell apart.

Many tried to leave in their cars but were blocked at gunpoint on the highways and streets by military personnel. During the final chaos, many abandoned their cars, trapped in traffic and panic, to escape the oncoming hordes of undead, running anywhere they could, but most often to their death.

Civilians can be rescued by stopping your vehicle and honking your horn at them. They will then run to you and get inside if you don't have any zombie on your hood. Your vehicle can hold up 5 civilians at a time. While driving on the road, you can honk your horn to make civilians ron out of the way in hopes not to hit them. Dropping them off at police stations and churches will give you 10 RP per Civilian. (Accidently) killing a civilian will result in a penalty of 10 RP!